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PREMIERE: Ellis Returns to “Pringle Creek.” Ontario-based songwriter shares video for album opener

"It was just over a month ago that Linnea Siggelkow dropped Born Again, her debut LP as Ellis, though the record’s ten tracks are likely still wafting around listeners’ brains. The Fat Possum–released album encapsulates the type of dream pop that occupies cerebral real estate long after you listen to it, nestling up to figureheads like Mazzy Star and Cocteau Twins in its earworm quality while leaning upon bedroom pop and even grunge for its foundation.

It’s the quietly raging opener “Pringle Creek” which Siggelkow is reviving today with a video treatment. Originally intended as a loose single, she re-recorded it for Born Again, invigorating it with an amorous visual that matches the song’s dreamy qualities. “I wrote this song about falling in love in Whitby, Ontario so naturally the director, Justin Singer, and I chose to shoot the video there,” she explains. 

'I loved the way it turned out, so when i decided not to release the song as planned I felt really sad about letting go of the video. When I went into the studio to re-record the song, I was adamant about keeping the same bpm as the original recording so that we could still use the video we had made. It feels like forever ago that we filmed this, but it brings back really nice memories for me and maybe it will bring you some nice feelings too.'”--Mike LeSuer for FLOOD Magazine

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