• Ronda Chollock

Relix goes Track by Track on Bonny Light Horseman's Eponymous Debut

"EJ:The recording process in Berlin was a beautifully chaotic series of sessions that I barely remember. Then we sewed up the record-making process in Woodstock. When we got there, we needed a few more tunes to add into the mix. We only had two days and we had to pack in a lot. It was two 12-hour days that went deep into the night. Both “The Roving” and “Deep in Love” were recorded at like 1 a.m. I think they’re both two-take songs, and they might be two of my favorite songs on the record. They’re emblematic of what this is about. I love how modern “The Roving” sounds, almost like a summer romantic comedy teen movie plot, if you listen to the lyrics. But they’re like 500 years old, which points out how simply timeless the subject matter is."


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